With her amazing kitchen skills and expansive knowledge of spices, Anjula Devi is a surefire hit when it comes to the world of the celebrity chef.
And of course, her stunning good looks don't hurt - especially because she looks nowhere near her age of 51.
She claims that spices are the main boon to her youthful looks.
Anjula has been in business with her own Indian catering company for years, but as people take notice of her effortless charm and encyclopedic knowledge of her craft, she's set to blaze a trail as a new domestic goddess.
On her website, she explains: "​I was raised in Southall in the early 1970s and my father was my food inspiration.
"At that time, Indian ingredients were not as readily available as they are now and I remember travelling on the number 207 bus with my father to Shepherd’s Bush Market where we were able to buy a selection of spices, fresh fish and Indian vegetables.​​
"I loved coming home with all these ingredients, intrigued and excited about what I was going to be taught."
It's thank to those memories that Anjula creates her own range of food products under the Route 207 brand.

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