Nature provides remedies for numerous ailments, usually without side-effects. For diabetes type II condition, where blood sugar level can go haywire as the body ceases to produce adequate insulin for proper distribution of glucose, tender mango leaves might just come to your rescue. Here are 14 foods that can help you fight diabetes naturally.
How can mango leaves help
In ancient Chinese medicines, extract of mango leaves was used to treat diabetes and asthma. Mango leaves contain phenolic constituents like caffeic acid, polyphenols such as mangiferin and gallic acid, flavonoids, volatile compounds and so forth. All these make mango a great antidiabetic, antioxidant and antiallergic natural product. Here are seven amazing health benefits of mango, you should know.
Here are a few benefits of mango leaves
Keeps blood sugar level in check: The tannins present in mango leaves are usually responsible for this effect. Extracts of mango leaves help to improve insulin production and dissemination of glucose, lowering the blood sugar level. Here is how your blood sugar levels can affect your moods.
Lowers cholesterol: Remember, diabetes will find a way to affect all your major organs and one of them is your heart. High cholesterol levels can damage your heart in a big way too. And if you are diabetic, things can just get worse. The high amount of fiber, pectin and vitamin C present in mango leaves help to lower cholesterol, especially LDL or bad cholesterol levels. Moreover the flavonoids present in the fruit can also help lower lipid levels and make your arteries strong and healthy. Here are eight natural remedies to control cholesterol.
It reduces chances of diabetic retinopathy: Like the fruit the leaves also have traces of vitamin A which is essential for better eye health. This is the reason the leaves can also help one to prevent damage to eyes while helping to control blood sugar levels. Watch this video to know how diabetes affects your life.
It keeps the kidneys and liver healthy: Kidney failure due to diabetes is common. Uncontrolled blood sugar level can do this blunder, consuming mango leaves can help deal with it to some extent. The leaves are also known to dissolve kidney stones and keep the kidneys healthy. In a similar manner, they also help to fight gallstones and keep your liver healthy. Here are five reasons for kidney damage that you need to know.
How to consume mango leaves
Pluck some tender mango leaves (not the ripe ones, the light greenish ones that are small in size), wash it thoroughly, tear into small pieces and chew it raw.
Pluck tender mango leaves and soak it overnight in a container. Strain the drink early in the morning and have it on an empty stomach.
Wash and sun-dry tender mango leaves and grind to a powder. Use one scoop of this powder and add it to a glass of water and drink. Consume one scoop each at morning and night to control blood sugar level.

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