'Love at first sight' captured in stunning photos of parents meeting their newborns

Birth photographer Bree has made it her mission to capture the special moments during and after childbirth

Parents will no doubt remember the euphoric moment they first laid eyes on their little bundles of joy .
Now one photographer from Los Angeles has made it her mission to capture these memories forever.
Breeanna Garcia, 25, takes great joy and pride in documenting the beauty of birth - from the first contractions to baby's first photoshoot.
J&B Photography
Look of love: Mum feeds baby for the first time
Her work shows an incredible journey for parents but it's the moment of meeting their new baby that make the most striking images, and Bree admits this is her favourite thing to capture.
She told Mirror Online: "I think the best photographs are usually always the first moments the parents meet their child. They are usually crying with happiness and can finally see what their baby looks like.
J&B Photography
Emotional: Bree is there to capture the highs and lows of the day
J&B Photography
Euphoric: After all the hard work, mum finally meets baby
"They waited nine months to meet their child and THIS is the moment they meet their baby and hold them for the first time or become a parent for the very first time. It's honestly capturing love at first sight."
"I am in love with the emotion and being able to witness one of the happiest and most anticipated moments of someone's life as well as the beginning of a brand new life.
"There is no better reward than giving someone a gift that they will cherish for life and bring back those indescribable feelings that are clearly shown in the images.
Bree started birth photography in January 2015 after she gave birth to her first daughter and joined several online parenting groups, and now runs J&B Photography with partner Jessie.
J&B Photography
Bond: Dad gazes at his new bundle of joy
She explained: "I just became fascinated with all the different, beautiful ways to give birth - reading birth stories and seeing everyone post their own birth photos in blogs."

Her favourite image

J&B Photography
Family: Bree says you can 'feel the love' in this image
"Every birth has been so different and exciting. It's a rush every single time so I can't put a favourite on a specific birth but this is one of my favourite images.
"The mum just had an unplanned C-section and was doing skin-to-skin on her baby and they were just so excited to become parents and you can just FEEL the love they all had for each other.
"This photograph to me is probably one of my favourite images that I have ever taken."
J&B Photography
Kiss: Dad welcomes the new member of the family

Why photograph the birth?

"Birth photography is almost like a wedding. It only happens once, there is no going back to redo it and you are meeting your child for the first time.
"It's an event filled with so much love and emotion. Although not all labours are easy labours and people give birth in many different ways, the end result is all the same... you are gifted with your new baby.
J&B Photography
J&B Photography
"Newborns change so much even in one day after they are born. Those newborn details are so precious to look back on and see those little hairs that were all over their backs, how tiny their feet were, or the way their whole hand could grip your finger.
"It's just a very special moment that should be documented."

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